Fishing In Helen GA.

Fishing In Helen GA.

Fly Fishing in Helen GA.

Helen GA has some of the absolute best trout fishing available anywhere in the state of Georgia, or in the world, for that matter.  The Chattahoochee River portion that runs through the City of Helen GA offers year-round trout fishing.

Chattahoochee river

Chattahoochee river

The Chattahoochee River running through Helen GA is kept well-stocked at several points weekly during the warmer months, starting around mid-March, on up until usually around the end of October. The only time they will stop stocking on a regular basis is if the water gets too hot in the middle of summer. They stop stocking during really hot weather because the stocked fish can’t survive the high temperature waters.

Helen GA also makes a great spot for trout fishing because just about the entire portion of the Chattahoochee River  running through the city is very well-shaded with great forest cover. This makes trout fishing all day very comfortable, even on hot summer days.  Add in the fact that if you’re wading in the water with a pair of waders, the cool mountain waters add to a cooler temperature. Given both the shade, and the cool mountain waters, you will feel about ten degrees cooler than you would be further South towards Atlanta.

Most of the trout stocked in Helen, GA are rainbow trout, but they do stock the occasional brown trout. The common size trout caught out of this part of the Chattahoochee River is around twelve to fourteen inches. I have caught a few nice rainbow trout over the years in the seventeen to nineteen inch range, but the smaller twelve to fourteen inch is what trout anglers refer to as being pan size and have a much better taste, and cook very well on a open grill.

The Chattahoochee River portion that runs through Helen, GA, for the most part, is shallow enough to wade even with hip-high waders, and the river is wide and open enough to be a great place for fly fisherman. There are a few deep holes along the stretch through the city, but the average depth of this entire stretch is around two feet deep with a few spots of around four to six feet deep, which will often yield some very large rainbow trout.

One of the things I often enjoy about fishing the Chattahoochee River running through Helen, GA, is that the entire portion of the river runs through a tourist area. There are a handful of really nice and budget-friendly deck and patio restaurants you pass while wading downstream allowing anglers to get out of the river for a little while, relax, and enjoy a nice lunch overlooking the river.

There have been many times that I have parked in a small park area along the river, and caught a few nice rainbow trout, cleaned them, and stepped out of the river and grilled them fresh right on the spot in a rented cabin. Umm. Good!

Trout Fly Fishing

Trout Fly Fishing

There are times that I drive just a few minutes outside of the Helen, GA city limits up into the Chattahoochee Wildlife Management Area (WMA) and fish that portion of the Chattahoochee River.  Up there you do get much more of a feeling of being in untouched wilderness, it’s rarely ever crowded with other trout anglers, and it, too, is very well stocked.

So if you’re ever in Georgia, and lucky enough to visit this small little mountain tourist town called Helen, GA,  don’t pass up the opportunity to experience the thrill of catching fresh rainbow trout, and grilling them out right there on the spot. It’s a fantastic experience.

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